June 10, 2012

this is me

Welcome to vikky's creed.
My name is Victoire Patience but people call me Vikky.

I am a twenty-five year old in a world that changes by the minute or even second.
Amongst all the things that affect us in life like money,, education, government, relationships, food , friends etc i have found religion to be the biggest and constant struggle of mine.

Am a catholic by denomination and i strive to be a bible-abiding christian and a follower of the church's laws because most of them conform to those in the bible. I do not equally know what all these laws are but i am discovering them every day.

I grew up in a very catholic household which was very religious and christian. We went to church every Sunday and every other day of the week when we could make it. We also read the bible a lot and had evening devotions.

Today, it is getting harder to practice faith because of fear of attack from those who don't  agree with you but it is getting even harder to practice openly as a catholic because there are criticism lurking around about the catholic church from every angle and every person.

Nonetheless,the Church is still standing and i have found myself in a struggle. As a young adult going through this, i have managed to deal with it and constrain the difficulties but i imagine that it must not be easy for other Catholics, or let alone , young adults.

My faith has been shaky the last few years and it is not that i have lost faith in God, it is the fact that i am being pressured by friends and family to leave my church and not having direction from God to do so.

So now, i find myself constantly having to defend my church and defend my stay and i know i am not the only one with this struggle.

So i set out to build and start this blog, to share with readers, my struggles,triumphs,lowest and peak moments in the Church and also to show that, God is indeed everywhere and in the Church, and i do not need to trade places to feel his presence.

Hope we can all exchange our experiences, learn from one another, inspire and encourage each other.
Thanks for stopping by and i hope you come back.