November 12, 2012

Church Identity Crisis

The Church.
We all have struggles as Christians. Some days are easier to be a christian than others and this holds true for a catholic.

I have often found myself with friends who asked to share the message from church on a Sunday, and before i could proceed , the question would come up of where i worshiped. Often times, i have noticed the blatant and disapproving stare from them when i said i was a Catholic.

Sometimes, they will abandon altogether the message i had to share with them from church and instead set out to try to convince me to change my church. It gets frustrating especially when it is the same folks trying to win you over.

And often, i have realized that for them, it is not even about finding Christ or making sure that i am practicing my faith but all about church. They always have something negative to say about the church and i had told myself that i was done fighting with anybody with regards to my church.

And it occurred to me that if these people were so passionate, loyal and ready to defend their churches at every given opportunity, then i should jump on the wagon too and defend and be proud of where i have decided to practice my Christianity.

People are always ready and quick to cite the church's shortcomings (topic for another day) as the reason why Catholics should quit the church. but the forget that even Jesus Christ himself was tempted, what more about the members of the church who are human.

For those who have been weak enough to have been convinced into changing their church or those who are considering it like i once did, ask yourself these questions, if you have been in the church for a while, hasn't God answered any of your prayers before? doesn't the bible tells us that God is present anywhere so long as we call on him? why do we feel the need to move churches in search of God when he is right there? these people who are trying to talk you out of your church, are they any better than you are? or is there a church that is not marred by its detractors?

If you can answer all these questions with a positive answer, then you have no business moving churches and it is time you started being proud and loyal to your church too as all those talking to you.

But remember too, that you cannot be loyal to church without being loyal to God. You have to be loyal to God first, then will loyalty to church follow. So next time somebody tries to attack you for being a Catholic, tell them simply 'God is alive in the church and that is where i choose to serve Him'

Thanks for  stopping by, hope i helped you with the church identity crisis. Hope you come back

November 8, 2012

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