December 31, 2012

2012 Reflections

Today is the last day of 2012 and what better way to end it than with reflections of the year that is about to conclude.

A customary tradition it has become, we all had resolutions at the beginning of 2012 we were hoping to have achieved before it drew to a close. For some, the resolutions included loosing weight,going back to school, getting a new and/or better job,making new friends, traveling and discovering new places,conquering our fears, taking a chance on love or whatever and so on.........

But for so many of us, finding ourselves on December 31st , the last day of the year might have taken us unawares and sent us on a regretful trip instead. We found ourselves lamenting about all the things we said we would accomplish before year end and failed to go through with them.

We realize we didn't take that one chance on love when the opportunity showed itself, we were reluctant to go out and seek work, we got too comfortable in our old jobs and lacked motivation to go out in search for a better one, we lost the determination to loose weight, finances didn't allow us to go on that long planned trip or adventure, we didn't overcome any fears or phobias,....etc

And now we are already drawing up a list of new resolutions for the year 2013, and that list looks very much like the one of the just ended year. We are carrying over the to-do list of 2012 to 2013 with the hope that we would be more determined to accomplish them and tick them off the list.

Yet for others, their resolution was simply to wake up every day regardless of how unbearable life might have gotten. That despite not having food, not having clothes, not having shelter, they had hope and only prayed to wake up the next day. And sadly, that will still be their resolution, to just wake up every day breathing.

So instead of focusing on the things we failed to accomplish, how about we reflect on the positive things that 2012 brought along. If nothing else, the mere fact that we lived to see December 31st should make us thankful. For so many who had resolutions and who might have been able to go through with them, did not live to get a chance at that resolution.

How about thanking God for that child we were not expecting but were blessed by their birth, for that graduation we didn't see coming that sprung on us, for all the journey mercies on the scary roads, that despite the numerous flight and airplane crashes and scares; we came out safe and sound,that we survived a terrible ordeal or disease like cancer,that we were miraculously untouched in a shoot out,(fill in what you are thankful for)....etc

While it is totally alright to go ahead with your resolution list, do not loose sight of what the most important resolution of 2013 should be. For me, that resolution is drawing closer to my Maker, seeking His face daily,eating and drinking His word,and growing stronger in faith as i build a better relationship with him.

Mathew 6:33 says 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto to you.' Once we seek to know Him better, to serve Him in spirit and in truth,to love Him unconditionally,and to commune with Him every day, every other resolution will come to be because He will give us the Determination, Focus, Drive and Motivation that we need to accomplish them.

So as we enter the new year, lets reflect on the so many blessings that came to be this year,be thankful even for the dreams that didn't come to pass because God knows better,have the resolutions at the back of our minds while resolving to put God first place in our lives. Knowing that if He is first place in our lives, He will in turn put us fist place and therefore lead us to achieve those goals because He knows, they will only make us better servants and Christians.

In conclusion, lets resolve to be thankful for every day we wake up, not take it for granted and go out to achieve our God-given purposes while keeping Him first place in our lives.

Thanks for visiting each day that this blog has been running and hope you keep coming in 2013.