December 16, 2012

Sunday's Message 12/09/2012

I hope the Sunday was a happy and blessed one fellow readers. Before we begin the new week, here is today's message delivered to us from God by His anointed servants.

The first reading came from Baruch 5:1-9, the second reading was from Philippians 1:4-6,8-11 while the Gospel was from the book of Luke 3:1-6.

Both the first and the second readings were focused on the Joy that Christ wants His children to experience, to feel peace and love and the Gospel talked about God sending His word to His children through John the Baptist, as Prophet Isaiah had proclaimed.

The preacher of today's liturgy was Fr. Tom and he interpreted the readings and Gospel as thus:

Advent is the season when we are called to examine our lives and refocus our priorities. It is the time when we are required to deal with the stuffs that are really important and beyond material things. We are called to examine our relationships with family, friends, people and every body that we may come in contact with in our lives.

As we wait for the birth of the Son Of Man, we need to ready the way for Him to find and occupy a place in our hearts.But we cannot do that if our hearts are not pure and free of grudges. It will be difficult to let God come into our lives and heart if we do not forgive past hurts and grudges.

Forgiveness is never more so for the forgiven than it is for the forgiver. This is because, when we forgive, we free and clean our hearts of any bitterness and hate and open the door for love to come in. Forgiving somebody doesn't mean that we were wrong and they were right,it is more than that. It is a process.

It is a process that we can only fulfill with Christ , so that we can get to the point of reconciliation. Reconciliation doesn't necessarily mean that the person has to be back in your life because the truth is that, some relationships are toxic. Relationships that do not make you a better person or that do not contribute to your life positively are toxic relationships and as Christians, we need to abstain from anything or people that make us go contrary to the will of God.

So reconciling our differences with those who hurt us, is so that we can make our hearts free, clean, pure and ready to welcome Christ in. Because holding on to grudges only gives the other person more power over you, as they go about their daily lives and you are stock-up on the fact that they hurt you, and nobody should have power over your life other than Jesus Christ Himself.

So lets take some time out and do a bit of soul searching and reach out to those who we think wronged us or hurt us. Wipe the slate clean with them and let go of all the hurt and pain. Clear the air and forgive one another because then we would be freeing ourselves from emotional torture. We would be better people and Christ would find us ready and waiting when He finnaly comes, because there would be room for Him in our lives and in our hearts.

As we go out to begin the new week, lets keep this message in mind at all times and work towards that goal when the opportunity presents itself.

Have a blessed week ahead every body and may God grant us all the Grace, to accept the things we can't change and give us the courage we need to forgive those who seek it from us. Try that this week and witness, experience a New You in Christ Jesus.

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