December 9, 2012

Sunday's Message

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent season and it couldn't have started any better than with the message it did.

Mass yesterday was beautiful and it did begin with the dedication of a newborn to Christ Jesus by his family and Godparents.

There was also the lightning of the Advent candles which gave the church a serene and calming feeling and added to the beauty of the mass.

Despite all this beauty in the church and activities, they would be rendered useless if God didn't have a message for his servants as usual to be delivered through his anointed one.

Father Gabriel was the preacher of yesterday's liturgy and he always delivers God's message in a poignant and timely manner.

The first reading was Jeremiah 33:14-16,the second reading was 1Thess 3:12-4:2 while the Gospel was from Luke 21:25-28,34-36.

The first reading talked about The Lord fulfilling the promise He had made to the people of Israel and Judah and the second talked about The Lord increasing us in love for one another and that we follow the ways of Christ. The Gospel was talking about the coming of the Son Of Man.

Father Gabriel asked the congregation,"who are we waiting for?" It is very eminent from the Gospel reading that we are waiting for the Son Of Man. But who is this SOM whom we await? He is none other than  Christ Jesus. The scripture says there will be signs in the sun,the moon and the stars,the earth will be in dismay.People will see the SOM come in a cloud with power and great glory  and it urges us to be vigilant,lest we are taken unaware,so that we can escape the tribulations.

We know of the life that Jesus will lead on earth and of the ordeal that He will suffer,how He will be betrayed and then crucified,how will rise again on the third day and then come again in Glory.

But before He does come again in glory,before He comes as a cloud,or a wave and takes us by surprise, He chose to come first as a baby, Baby Jesus. His coming though has been announced by the angels,still is going to be a surprise for us because of His gentle nature and soul.

He came as a baby to make a difference in our lives,in our world,in our hearts and in our communities. This is a beautiful difference because His coming is to soften our hearts,increase our love for ourselves and for one another,fill our hearts with love,kindness and joy..

He is coming to be the light in our darkness. That our lives may shine bright to be examples for others and call more people to Christ by this light. This coming is to bring us renewed hope, faith and grace in Him and to grant us everlasting life for every moment that we spend in Him.

So as we begin this Advent season,lets ready the way, our hearts and our lives for Christ to come in, have His way and enact all the changes we need in our lives and we shine bright with whatever goodness He imparts on us this season.

Happy Advent Season and have a blessed week ahead fellow readers.

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